Recap time….

…All good stories start at the beginning. Now Im not sure this is a good story or not to your way of thinking…however, for me its pretty good 🙂

Let me just say that I don’t intend this blog to be full of wordy stories, I’d rather let photos tell the stories, or show my experiences but I feel I need to give you a bit of background to where I’ve been and how I got to where I am now…and so…first things first 🙂

I was lucky enough to walk straight into a job, the only catch was…the job was based in Canberra. ‘No worries’,  I said, it looked like a pretty good place, had a reputation for having lots of kangaroos so was pretty happy and off I went, on a Murray’s bus.

Finding an apartment proved pretty simple  – I had one the first morning I went looking; the job was confirmed so I started looking for things to furnish my new swanky apartment with.

 Apartment living is interesting -no lawns to mow, no yard to clean up, no grass to lay in the sun on… its just a bit different and can be very freeing. It means you can get up, spend 10 mins on housework and take off for the rest of the weekend! and so I did

Canberra is a beautiful albeit smaller city, and very flat. Having always lived so close to the sea I found I missed that a lot. So I needed a car, and the sooner the better. Again that was an easy task to tick off and so I found myself hurtling along the surrounding country roads and every opportunity – that means pretty much every weekend

The nearest beaches are approx 1.5 -2 hours due east, at 110km per hour. I got to know that road pretty well 🙂

A the end of that road was an amazing place called Murramurang….where a mob(?) of kangaroos live…make that several mobs of kangaroos live…I’ll add a post all about Murramurang soon, I’ve had a lot of fun there…

My best experience there was this….


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