An awesome random afternoon drive….

…on the way to Bookham…

Wow, what a fantastic afternoon!

Don’t you just love those unplanned and unchartered little trips where you end up exactly where you need to be; where you stumble on little places that are perfectly what you needed, like finding a random little stream just off the side of the road that’s perfectly the kind of place where you needed to spend some time in… for whatever reason.

Well this unplanned little trip turned out to be exactly one of those little trips…and it was bliss….

My head was a busy little place with too much going on and I really just needed a way to escape it somehow, just for a bit…please! 🙂

A drive out to see family, and the suggestion to go find some nice little country town for some lunch had us in exactly that – a beautiful lunch in Bowning, a cute teeny town with a fantastic country pub and a gorgeously renovated dining room with the very best bangers and mash I’ve had forever! Fresh, hot, absolutely perfectly cooked veges….bliss! The buildings are circa 1930’s and all owners seem to kept them as original yet updated as possible.

I love driving around randomly exploring and have done a fair bit of it, but hadn’t been out that way yet.

The sky was cloudy and the rain clouds were advancing from every direction, it was the perfect afternoon for randomly driving, and there are so many little towns around that are great to explore.

It was cool just wandering through such random old places…and that was just the start of the afternoon….

We were cruising back with no particular destination in mind, and passed a road with a sign pointing to…Bookham…we said, whats in Bookham? Nobody knew so we turned around and followed the road….along the way we saw a stream and pulled over, parked the Jeep on the side of the road and hopped the fence……

Wow!!!!! this was the perfect spot i needed…funny what little treasures you find when you hop the fence aye……

check these out…

I love how it looks like there’s someone kneeling by the tree…

hows this for a cool tree stump? looks like a miniature city 😀

…we finally got to Bookham and found the best treasure of all…..

I really wish I could have dragged this home!! 😀


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